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G&G Reborn, 100% Reman
G&G Reborn is a tailor-made remanufactured printing solution for used in copiers. As the major copier users come from the industries of governments, finance, education, telecommunications, etc. as well as contracted channels, they are sensitive to price but they are not willing to sacrifice product quality. G&G Reborn is exactly designed to meet their printing demands by providing OEM-like printing experience and quality but without OEM price tag.
G&G Reborn Design Concept: 100% Remanufactured
Why Remanufactured Toner Powder?
Copier users cannot tolerate backgrounding, vertical lines, streaks, fusion or other print issues caused by poor compatibility of non-original toner powders, which have larger particles and lower roundness than the original’s. These unqualified physical parameters will speed up the wear of key components in your machine. G&G Reborn’s toner particles are uniform and perfectly spherical, which are evenly bonded to the paper, delivering a crisp and clear work with higher resolution. More importantly, they offer a better protection for your copier components.
Why Remanufactured Empty?
Copier users pay more for original cartridges, because they bring better user experience and they are precisely designed to match your copier perfectly. Based on this understanding, G&G Reborn uses remanufactured original empties. We keep the look and structure of original cartridges, aiming to provide users with the same printing experience as the original’s.
Why Remanufactured Chip?
Copiers do have lots of firmware upgrades. Once your copier gets upgraded, your non-original cartridges cannot be recognized and fail to work. Our solution is to recycle and reset OEM chips. In other words, we just restore the chip information during the reset process. We didn't change other parameters and functional characteristics. G&G Reborn guarantees that your copier will not have any printing failures caused by chip compatibility, and will not be unable to work due to firmware upgrades.
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