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Innovation Is in Our DNA Bringing to market new products based on non-infringing, internally developed designs, G&G distinguishes itself as a pioneer within the third-party supplies industry. Our huge investment on R&D allows G&G to consistently be first to market with innovative products. We will continue working to help people for better, affordable printing through technology innovation.
  • 4885Authorized Patents
  • 1423Pending Patents
*As of December 31, 2021
A History of Innovation G&G’s story of innovation began with a simple inkjet cartridge. Now, nearly 21 years later, the story continues but comes with more innovative product portfolio to customer needs. Our innovation and technology help people achieve original-like print quality at better price.
The successful development of TurboTec for use in GPR 55
Provided patent solution on Brother 223 series products
Provided patent solution on HP 530/540 series products
Provided patent solution on Canon Copiers
Provided patent solution on HP 226/505 series products---Sidewinder
Provided patent free solution on HP 350/310 series products
Developed toner cartridges for HP Jet Intelligence color series products. A new printing solution was launched
The successful development of independent direct injection 3D full color light curing printing technology was one of the world's most advanced 3D printing technology
The first company in the world to develop dongle gear technology and apply it in toner cartridge products.
Developed dedicated SOC chip technology based on homemade CPU, ensuring the secure use of homemade printers.
Developed photo-electro-mechanical integration technology. China's first laser printer was born
Developed laser electrostatic imaging technology with a transfer rate of up to 95%, called the most advanced environmental laser printing technology.
Exclusive launch of Unimart system, a great contribution to the aftermarket.
Developed newly designed toner cartridges with patents that can be used in a variety of printers.
The first company in the world to release patented reusable printer adapters installed with an auto-reset chip.
Successfully developed compatible toner cartridges with proprietary technology.
Invented micro-pressure valve ink supply technology, solving the environmental pollution problems that were caused by the residual ink in abandoned ink cartridges.
The first company in the industry that developed the encryption chip for compatible ink cartridges.
Developed compatible ink cartridges manufacturing
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