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Striving to deliver the highest level of products is at the heart of everything we do at G&G. Weʼre committed to offering you more value than you expect and more than others can offer. Our commitment to quality runs through R&D and manufacturing. 


We offer premium-quality digital printing inkjet inks including digital textile ink, corrugated packaging ink, wide-format dye/pigment ink and desktop ink. 

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Your Printing Expert for Wide Format

Over 20 years ink formulation experience
State-of-Art facility and stringent quality assurance
Leading technology and expertise backed on rich heritage of global partners 

Ink and Wide Format 40+ R&D and engineering Equipment investment 

  • Ink and Wide Format workshop covers an area of 20000 ft2 

  • 40+ R&D and engineering team 

  • Equipment investment over ¥3M each year                

  • Equipment maintenance over ¥300K each year

Digital Textile Ink: Dye Sublimation Ink 

For transfer printing onto synthetic fabrics


  • Stable ink formulation, safety to print heads

  • Long open time, excellent printing fluency and fast-drying support industrial production 

  • Extremely color density results in high color saturation images with lower ink consumption 

  • Well suited for light/low coated paper printing

  • Environmentally friendly, compliance with Reach, RoHs etc.


  • Sports shirts 

  • Flag display 

  • Interior decoration 

  • Customized gifts 

Suitable for print heads

Epson: DX5/DX7/5113/4720/ i3200/S3200; Kyocera KJ4B, Star fire1024, Konica 1024, Ricoh Gen5. 

For direct printing onto flag/banner


  • Formulated for direct printing, also can be used for transfer printing

  • High penetration achieves two-side prints for flag/banner

  • Vivid and bright color brings eye-catching printouts

  • Outstanding durability and excellent general color fastness to light, rubbing(if post-treated) 

  • Environmentally friendly, compliance with Reach, RoHs etc. 


Flag, banner, interior decoration and etc. 

Suitable for print heads 

Epson: DX5/DX7/5113/4720/ i3200/S3200
Kyocera KJ4B, Star fire1024, Konica 1024, Ricoh Gen5.

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Digital Textile Ink: Disperse Ink

For direct printing onto synthetic fabrics 


  • Well designed for direct printing onto synthetic fabrics (polyester), no need the transfer process 

  • Superior light fastness and sublimation fastness, well suited for the outdoor display

  • High penetration, high color density, outstanding color fixation

  • Excellent printing fluency, supports high speed printing, no clogging to printhead 

  • Environmentally friendly, compliance with Reach, RoHs etc. 

Suitable for print heads 

Epson: DX5/DX7/5113/4720/ i3200/S3200
Kyocera KJ4B, Star fire1024, Konica 1024, Ricoh Gen5.

Printing process

Fabric pre-treatment →Direct printing→ Dry heat or Steam → 



  • Carpet 

  • Fashion 

  • Flag 

  • Banner 

  • Interior decoration 

Digital Textile Ink: Textile Pigment Ink 

For direct printing onto natural fibers or synthetic fabrics


  • Creates physical bond with the fiber, printable onto a wide range of fabrics such as cotton, blended fabrics etc. 

  • Simple process, energy saving, reducing waste and water consumption

  • Sharp color, wide color gamut

  • Excellent light fastness and washing fastness 

  • Eco-friendly, compliance with Reach, RoHs etc. 

Suitable for print heads

Epson: DX5/5113/4720/S3200
Others: Ricoh Gen5, Star fire 1024, Konica 1024. 


Apparels, Home textiles, Shoes, Bags

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Digital Textile Ink: Direct to Film Ink

For film transfer printing onto T-shirt 


  • Newly formulated for printing on T-shirt, can be used for Epson I3200/4720 and Epson desktop printer also 

  • Good compatibility, apply to kinds of PET film with perfect performance

  • Vivid color, good whiteness, wonderful printouts

  • High rubbing fastness, high flexibility 

  • High precision, good hand-felling

  • Environmentally friendly, compliance with Reach, RoHs etc. 


  • T-shirt

  • Bag 

  • Cap 

  • Jeans 

  • Shoes and etc

Digital Textile Ink: Acid Ink

For direct printing, requires pre-treatment and post-treatment 


  • Widely used for industrial inkjet printing on synthetic fibers such as nylon (primarily polyamide) and natural materials like silk with maximum speed and productivity 

  • Offering extremely bright and deep color, high color-fixing rate

  • High color fastness, soft hand-feeling, bring out top quality printouts 

  • Water based formulation, eco-friendly, compliance with Reach, RoHs etc. 

Suitable for print heads 

Epson: DX5/DX7/5113/4720/i3200 Others: 

Kyocera KJ4B


  • Home textile 

  • Apparel 

  • Swimsuit 

  • Scarf 

  • Cashmere and etc 

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Corrugated Packaging Ink


  • Reliable printing fluency, no clogging to print heads

  • Maximizes uptime, with little print head maintenance required Fast drying, well suited for high speed printing

  • High color concentration, strong resistance to UV light and scratch 

  • Water based dye/pigment formulation, eco-friendly 

Wide-format Dye/Pigment Ink


  • Wide media compatibility

  • Bright color, smooth tonal gradations

  • Strong UV/scratch resistance

  • Nano particles, high stability, no clogging to print head

  • Water based formulation, eco friendly 


  • Wall paper 

  • Photo studio 

  • Poster 

  • Artwork and etc 

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Desktop Dye/Pigment Ink 


  • High compatibility, suitable for EPSON/HP/Canon/

    Brother desktop dye printers 

  • Clear text, sharp edge

  • Deep black, bright and vibrant color

  • High scratch resistance, good light fastness, can be store for long time 

  • Superior waterproof feature 

  • Fast drying, high stability and run-ability 

  • Imported paste, safety to print head 

  • Leak-proof patent bottle 

Ink capacity 70/100/127/135/140ml 

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