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Replacement Inkjet Cartridges for C13T944140
Desktop Inkjet 
Product number
Original model
Ink type
For use in:
Epson WorkForce Pro WF-C5210DW/C5290DW/C5710DWF/C5790DWF

Related FAQ

Q. Chip of compatible inkjet cartridge can't be recognized

A. If your printer runs smoothly and you want to continue using G&G or any other third-party high cost-effective products in the future, we recommend you to turn off automatic upgrade function to say no to firmware upgrades.

Q. What’s the quality assurance period for G&G inkjet cartridge?

A. Quality assurance period for compatible new inkjet cartridge is 30 months; for remanufactured inkjet cartridge is 18 months

Q. When a new cartridge is inserted, the printer sometimes states the new cartridges to be half full. Why does it happen?

A. The printer only estimates the level of the ink in the cartridge. It is not a precise measurement. The new cartridges should be full and should last as long as normal.

Q. Sometimes when a compatible cartridge is installed, a warning prompt states that "Non-genuine cartridge is installed, continue?" why does this happen?

A. Warning prompt is set by the printer manufacturer. Click YES to continue printing. There is no impact on printer and printing quality.


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